bank typography

Who doesn’t love banks?! Well, me I guess. I’m never really crazy about the typography on banks because they usually are just so boring and predictable. Sometimes that’s not the case and that makes me happy. I thought D.L. Evans Bank fits into the ‘boring’ category but the way they used the illustration of the state of Idaho in the vertical sign saved it from being generic.boise bank 2boise bank 1This post wouldn’t be complete with a couple of ghost signs! This one was found in Boston, MA:boston savings bank ghost sign 1Here’s a close up:boston savings bank ghost sign 2This parking lot beauty in Detroit, MI:detroit bank ghost sign 1Strictly a savings bank. Pays interest on all deposits 3 1/2%. That’s the best I can make out.detroit bank ghost sign 2New Mexico Bank & Trust found in downtown Albuquerque is pretty generic but I liked how the color scheme fit into the city, typography is ‘meh’.new mexico bank and trust 1new mexico bank and trust 2I walked past Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank in New Orleans, LA and literally couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to go across the street to get a better orleans fidelity 1Fidelity Bank was formed in 1908, and is a mutual institution chartered by the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI). The original name was Fidelity Homestead Association, the term “Homestead” was only used in Louisiana when referring to a savings and loan. Here is a close up picture taken from Wikipedia of the entrance:1920UnitedFruitCompanyEntrance.jpgThis building was built in 1920. I was disappointed with the green awning over the doorway with Helvetica so let’s go back to their killer logo. It looks like a logo for a rock band, not a bank!new orleans fidelity 2A moment of silence please:new orleans fidelity 3Bank of Ybor City found in Tampa, FL:tampa bank 1This building was built in 1910 and served as a bank until 1955.tampa bank 2It then became Ybor Flower Shop:AR-150209980.jpgToday, the building houses Bernini, an Italian cuisine restaurant. Bernini is named after Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, a sculptor, architect and painter of the Renaissance period best known for being the founder of the Baroque style of art. Bernini still uses many of the old fixtures from the bank. The wine cellar is in the vault and the bar is built on the old teller station.

tampa bank 3


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