40 Covers

On August 26, 2017, I turn 40. I’m not big on parties or surprises or gifts but you all know what I am big on: manhole covers! So, in anticipation of the big day, I put together a project called #40covers. A project dedicated to manhole covers and people who are 40, turning 40 or have turned 40. It even has its own Twitter and Instagram page. An entire Twitter and Instagram feed dedicated to manhole covers? Yes please! I plan on keeping these updated with covers I find along with pictures that others send in. With this project though, I wanted it to be more than just the pictures. So, when I put out the call for submissions on my social media, I asked that the sender include one piece of career advice (140 characters or less) to be included on the poster alongside their picture. I would keep the submissions open until I collected 40 covers, 1 for each year I have been alive (*dramatic music starts playing now*). Pictures came in from all over the world and the career advice will serve anyone well, no matter what stage you are at in your career. I am so excited how this has turned out and had so much fun putting it together.40coversDetails:
Final Size: 18×24
Stock: 80# Endurance Digital Silk dull coated cover
Ink: 4/0 Process
Typography: Aptifier Sans, Uptown Sans

The posters are for sale for $15 + shipping and handling. If you’d like to purchase one, send me an email at nikkivillagomez@gmail.com.

I have printed a limited edition of 250 posters, get them while they last!

A big THANK YOU (<—bold, all caps, italics and underline…that's BIG!) to everyone who contributed and supported this project!

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