Typographic Partnership

So, an interesting thing happened yesterday (4/15/12). I was drinking my morning coffee going through my checklist of websites I must hit before my day gets going, one of them being my twitter feed. Friends of Type (if you don’t know who they are, go to their website. Now.) tweeted this:

@friendsoftype: Keep the #FontSunday submissions coming they keep getting better and better as the day goes on cc: @DesignMuseum

I thought that sounded interesting so I entered the hashtag in the search field to see what they were talking about. From what I could gather, Friends of Type have partnered with the Design Museum in London for this one (glorious) day event. People from all over the world were sending in pictures of their “city type”. I started clicking on the pictures attached to some of the tweets and did a silent “ohmygod”. I was so visually stimulated by the pictures, I literally couldn’t talk.  Pictures of typography from all over the world.

I honestly felt like I was drunk on type all day yesterday. It was so awesome. Today’s typographic hangover is something I wish on all my type friends.

Last night I started tweeting to some of the people who submitted pictures asking if it was ok to use them on my blog. I am humbled by the outpouring of support and kindness. So, it’s going to look like I have traveled the world with the posts I have planned in the weeks to come. While this is sadly not the case (yet),  I can say that I have made new acquaintances from this project. A HUGE thanks to Friends of Type and the Design Museum for this amazing project. It has left me truly inspired. I will tag all posts used from this collaboration as a “typographic partnership”. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far and please keep the pictures coming! Tweet them to me @nikki_vz. Thank you!

Yours in type,
Nikki Villagomez


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