concrete stamps

To piggyback off of yesterday’s post about manhole covers, today’s pictures are a collection of stamps I have come across in concrete. I guess I notice them because I’m already looking down for manhole covers? This one found in Albuquerque, NM is about half the size of a manhole cover but I love the character of the Z and the N. Too bad about that negative space in the Z.abq concrete stamp 2This one is about the size of my hand and is dated 1986. I like the ALBQ abbreviation for Albuquerque. The city and state stamp (like on manhole covers) make it unique to the city it is in.abq concrete stampMy dad took this picture while in Beirut, Lebanon a couple of years ago. We are going to ignore the fact that all the pictures he took while there (including this one) has a giant smudge (boo!) and be grateful that he took pictures for me (yay!). This one is arabic engraved in concrete over a doorway.beirut type in concreteThis one found in Boise, ID marks the beginning of the historic district known as Old Boise. The area peaked in 1910 with the development of the Statesman and Pioneer Tent & Awning Buildings (from Sunday’s post). boise concrete stamp 2This one is from S H & C  Contractors from 1906 and is teeny, about the size of a leaf.boise concrete stamp 3This killer fox illustration was also found in Boise stamped into the concrete.boise concrete stamp 4Lastly, Barthel Contracting stamped 2012 in Detroit <let’s drive a truck right on thru> Michigan.detroit concrete stampIt’s amazing the little gems you will find when looking down, what will you find today?


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