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My 1ne post today, is a good example of what catches my eye when I’m letterhunting. Actually, it is how I am all the time when I’m walking around. I’m not sure if my process is interesting or not but it is how my brain works. When I was in San Francisco last summer for the HOW Conference, I was able to find time in between sessions to go walking around. I remember walking a couple of blocks away from where the conference was being held, turning a corner, and hitting an area with a ton of shops. This was my view when I turned the corner:1This is where my very scientific process begins. At this point, I’m in normal random person walking around mode. I look like the average person (for the most part) but due to my wandering eyes, I often get asked if I’m lost. When I’m a normal random person walking around, I typically pay no attention to newer signs…unless they are REALLY well done. It’s the older signs that really speak to the area that I’m most interested in. So, in the picture above, what I zoomed in on was that red vertical sign off in the distance. Once I spotted it, I (very) quickly turned into get out of my way mode. Get out of my way is often met with people shouting ‘Hey! Watch it!’ or ‘Excuse me!’, but because I am focused I couldn’t care less. I walked towards the sign taking zoomed in pictures as I got closer:
2When I reach the sign, get out of my way then becomes the very dangerous I can’t hear you. I’m studying the letters and excited about what I have found. My mind is usually racing with how I’ll be able to use it and wondering what the history is. The last thing on my mind is a car coming at me or someone yelling for me to move. When I’m blissing out in the I can’t hear you state, being yelled/honked at is like being woken up from a wonderful dream. In one word, it SUCKS.
I can’t hear you:
3I can’t hear you:
4 Once I’ve taken all the pictures I want of the sign, I can’t hear you slowly morphs back into a normal random person walking around. Totally worth it.

Clap 3 times if you think I’m crazypants! *clap*clap*clap*

It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!


3 responses to “my process

  1. I totally understand this. I live in London and on the sides of some very old buildings are painted signs advertising bread, ciggerettes, whisky etc and they are as old as early 20th century. They’re really hard to spot a lot of the time and most are getting painted over so I get really excited when I see them!
    Also, I used to live in San Francisco too and I miss it everyday!

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