laundry signs

Today’s post is a round up of some laundry/tailoring/dry cleaning signs that I have come across in my travels. I love comparing the same types of business signs from different locations.
Baltimore, MD:baltimore dry cleaningbaltimore dry cleaning 2My friend Joseph Carter-Brown took me around the fabulous city of Baltimore the day after my speaking engagement and we came across this awesome dry cleaning sign. Those G’s are what caught my eye. Sup mail man.

Charlotte, NC: charlotte parkingcharlotte wash bowlI was on a quick lunch break in between tennis matches with my kids and saw this sweet dry cleaners and parking sign. Not sure which is more awesome, the parking sign or the Wash Bowl sign on that green zig zag.

New Orleans, LA:new orleans shirt laundry 2Check out these hand lettered signs hiding behind a fence. Like the Wash Bowl parking sign above from Charlotte, the change from all upper case san serif to script here is orleans shirt laundryWho needs a space after a comma? I know I don’t. I do have questions though…Shirt,Laundry?

Oklahoma City, OK:okc laundry 1This sign is really interesting if you look at the different components. The word ‘Fashion’ at the top set in script but spaced out so the letters don’t touch (the opposite of what script is about), makes the letters look like they are severed off at the limbs. Ouch! That teeny tiny ampersand! I’m assuming it is what fit so that the letters could be right aligned, I’m digging’ that. The text below is super spaced out and in all caps which makes it so hard to read. Fail. At least the sign makes sense though…I guess?okc laundry 2Love laundry signs? I’ve got you covered here, here, and here. You’re welcome.


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