One of my favorite things to discover when going through the pictures I have accumulated throughout my travels is how different cities handle the same types of signs. I wanted to post about the amazing furniture signs I discovered when I was in Charleston, SC but then realized what made them amazing was how vastly different they were from others I have. So, today’s post is all about furniture so pull up a chair, here we go!

Albuquerque, NM:abq nob hill furnitureNot sure if the curve of the letters is freehand, poor planning or on purpose but the spacing is nuts. Typically, yellow letters are hard to read no matter what the surface but on glass especially. This somehow found a way to be legible and has such charm due to the unique spacing. I can only imagine what type of furniture they sell there.

Charleston, SC:charleston chase furniture 1This Chase Furniture sign caught my eye while walking down King St. in Charleston. I love the 2 triangles next to the CO. This building was constructed in 1946. The company left the building in 2005 and has been vacant since in. When I saw this sign, I knew there had to be other signage around the building and I was not disappointed:charleston chase furniture 2charleston chase furniture 3(Unrelated: Wish there was a way to take pictures without being in the reflection). I first saw the sign as I approached the building from the same side of the street. Saw the ghost sign at the entry and thought that there must be something on the building too. I crossed the street and holy smokes:charleston chase furniture 4I bet the furniture they sold was awesome.charleston chase furniture 5charleston chase furniture 6What a beauty!

Morris Sokol is another furniture company in Chareston:charleston morris furniture 1It closed in 2015 after being in business for 94 years. It looked vacant when I walked by in the Fall of 2016.charleston morris furniture 2The sign is awesome but I bet they sold stuffy office furniture.charleston morris furniture 4charleston morris furniture 5charleston morris furniture 7charleston morris furniture 8charleston morris furniture 9charleston morris furniture 10charleston morris furniture 11charleston morris furniture 12Here are a few furniture ghost signs I have spotted. All caps. All san serif.

Cleveland, OH:cle furniture 1 ghost signcle furniture 2 ghost signOklahoma City, OK:okc furniture ghost sign 1okc furniture ghost sign 2Youngstown, OH:youngstown furniture 1youngstown furniture 2Tampa, FL:
Larmon Furniture has been in business since 1931. They merged with another furniture chain a year before I was in Tampa. This vacant building sits in Ybor City, a historic district northeast of Tampa.tampa furniture 1tampa furniture 2tampa furniture 3That ampersand! Hey, friend!tampa furniture 4Sioux Falls, SD:south dakota furniture 1south dakota furniture 2I was so excited to be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota I went camera happy. Literally, taking pictures of everything that marked where I was. Nothing great about this sign except for the fact that I took it…in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Columbus, GA:columbus ga raymond rowe furniture 1I was in Columbus a few weeks ago for Creative South and had the opportunity to walk around in between sessions the main streets (street, who am i kidding…it was one street) there. This Raymond Rowe sign and building caught my eye. It has been a fixture in downtown Columbus for nearly 74 years and when I was there, it was preparing to go out of business. The building and signs are going to be torn down and replaced with a hotel.columbus ga raymond rowe furniture 2columbus ga raymond rowe furniture 3columbus ga raymond rowe furniture 4It’s neat to see how furniture signs can vary so much from city to city!


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