Oklahoma City has done an amazing job revitalizing the historic signs there, in large part thanks to Jim Gleason. He has a sign business in town and works with different communities and organizations to save and restore the historic signs in the city. The day after I spoke to AIGA Oklahoma he took me to his warehouse where he keeps a lot of the signs that are waiting for his magic touch. After seeing those signs, he drove me around to show some of the signs on buildings that he had a hand in restoring. i can’t cram all of the pictures from that day into one post, my blog would implode like I did that day. It was  too much eye candy. So, I’m just going to focus on some Sunshine today…especially since it has been raining here in Charlotte all day.

sunshine 1This building was built in 1929 and served as a laundry facility until it closed in the mid 80’s. The building was abandoned, the glass on the window was broken, the roof was gone…it was in bad shape. Last year, the building was purchased and renovated to be used as a brewery, tap room, offices and retail. When I was there visiting, they were still renovating and it hadn’t opened yet.sunshine 2sunshine 3sunshine 4sunshine 5I’m in the midst of preparing for my talk in Indianapolis this week and am using this sign in my presentation. I researched what the name of the brewery is and was disappointed to see that they are named Stonecloud Brewery…I was secretly hoping for Sunshine Brewery…but whatever disappointment I was feeling quickly went away when I saw the logo.Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.47.01 PMThere is a quote I say in every presentation I give:

The culture in a city is like a virus trying to stay alive.

The way they incorporated the imagery from the historic sign into the logo is the virus trying to stay alive. They could have done their own thing and gotten rid of the sign…but they chose to keep it and embrace it. I’m so happy that I could see this sign in person and then, several months later, see how the branding of the new business came together.

☀️ Hello sunshine ☀️


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