wayfinding apostrophe

No matter what I’m doing, I’ve always got an eye out for interesting typography. This past weekend I took my daughter to Raleigh, NC for a tennis tournament. In between tennis matches she said ‘let’s go letter hunting, mom!’ so who am I to deny my child’s wishes so off we went! One of the most interesting finds was this Chuck’s restaurant sign. It’s always neat to see how apostrophe’s are handled, especially in vertical signs: chucks1Here’s a crappy zoomed in iPhone close up but you get the idea:chucks2For reference, here are a few examples of how I’ve seen it handled in the past:
Richmond, VA
Austin, TX
Cincinnati, OH
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I had never seen an apostrophe doubling as an arrow. So, I took to Twitter to see if anyone else had an opinion about this. Michael Stinson at TypeEd suggested this: chucks3and then this as an alternative:chucks4Hrant  Papazian took Michael’s design and moved the apostrophe to make an arrow with the leg of the K:C-uA6y3VYAAjzRn.jpg-largeSome suggested to remove the apostrophe all together <gasp!> but that changes the possession from Chuck’s to Chucks which isn’t correct. Here’s the thread if you want to weigh in, it’s an interesting discussion!


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