AIGA Louisville

Today I’m heading to the great state of Kentucky! Up until about a week ago, I’d tell you I was going to LOO-EEEE-VILLE. I have been listening intently to locals as I have been interviewed and quickly corrected to changing my pronunciation to be LOOAVUL (all one very quickly pronounced word). I’m super self conscious about it now. It’s like thinking your whole life your whole life you were pronouncing TO-MA-TOE right until you were corrected to TO-MAH-TO and now you have to go in front of a room full of people and repeat the word several times and omg hello STRESS. As if I needed more. This neon sign just adds to my confusion:
C-BPz4IVwAAMig6Correct spelling at the bottom, correct pronunciation at the top.
I haven’t been to Looavul yet but I can already tell it’s an amazing community with passionate people and I’m excited to spend some time there. Toight is my Typography talk. Friday at lunchtime I’ll be giving my Ballsy talk to students. I’ve never received so much press about one of my talks, they must really want to make sure I pronounce their city correctly. Here are the links:

NPR article & interview.
Broken Sidewalk.
Insider Louisville.

Today will be my 26th AIGA talk. My speaking engagements are one of my achievements that I’m most proud of. If you’re in the area, come out and make sure I pronounce Looavul correctly. 🙂


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