AIGA Arizona

Every AIGA chapter speaking engagement I have given has been a goal I have put for myself that I have achieved. Together, they make up a story that I am very proud of. I have this bulletin board in my office at work to remind me of each goal…this story…of how I get to travel the country speaking about typography:4Where I have been and where I am going. Today, I get to fly to Arizona. ARIZONA! I’m speaking tonight at the Tempe History Museum about How Culture Affects Typography. For those of you who aren’t aware of my talk, they are all unique. Giving a customized presentation to each city I visit is something I’m very passionate about. I use pictures sent to me by local creatives. No 2 talks are the same. Each presentation takes a tremendous amount of time to put together and research and prepare. Yes, I still get very very nervous. Yes, I still feel like I’m gonna puke. Yes, I still fee like ‘what if this sucks’ (at least there will be cactus nearby I can throw myself into if this tanks). But…that’s ok. I also still feel very excited, very lucky to get to share my passion for typography and very confident that maybe this doesn’t suck (maybe?). I’m an in house designer that gets to travel the country speaking about typography. I’m comin’atcha Arizona and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re in the Tempe area, I hope you’ll come out and say hi.


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