ghosted tile sans building

I was in Charleston, SC this past Fall as a speaker at Revolve (if you don’t know about this conference, check it out — it’s one of the best I’ve attended in terms of content offered and an amazing staff who runs it). Like I do with all conferences and speaking engagements, I wander the streets during breaks in the schedule. Having grown up in South Carolina, I have visited Charleston often and have wonderful memories of the city…especially since my brother and his family live there. It is full of history and charm — a great combination for seeking out amazing typography. The morning before I left, I hit the streets (King St. to be exact) and off I went. I had just started my process and settled into normal random person walking around mode. This very quickly turned into get out of my way mode because OMG WTF:ghost tile 1I quickly morphed into the very dangerous I can’t hear you mode because I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I have never seen a tiled entryway…a GHOSTED tile entryway with no building attached to it and OMG what am I even looking at?!:ghost tile 2When I say I had morphed into the ‘I can’t hear you’ mode, yeah…I mean an 18 wheeler could be about to hit me and I would have no idea because all I see is that ampersand:ghost tile 3ghost tile 4It’s like she’s floating on a white cloud up to the heavens. Look at her little tail! I hope whatever developer builds on this land will find a way to incorporate this amazing tile into their entrance.


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