Manhole Monday: City Colors

3Happy Manhole Monday! So here’s a question: How many people do you know buy their shoes based on how they will look next to a picture of a manhole cover?
Yeah, so…Now you can say you know someone!
My beloved purple shoes needed to be chucked (ha) and let me tell you, the struggle was real when I went looking for a new pair. So.Many.Colors. Like any designer, all I needed was a couple of limitations and it made the choice super easy.
Limitation #1: what color will compliment the greyish brownish of manhole covers.
Limitation #2: what color can I live with for the next 2 years.
Hello Yellow!
These shoes are special to me because I only wear them to give my talks so they go on all my travels and make a regular appearance in my Instagram feed (@nikki_vz). So, last November I said goodbye to purple and hello to yellow.
I thought Manhole Monday was a good time to introduce the yellow and some killer covers.  The city of Providence didn’t yield too many unique covers so I was excited to find this one right in the middle of the downtown area.4Such a stark contrast to the cover found in Oklahoma City:5Yet, both utilize the super thin san serif type that doesn’t hold up well in the elements. I’m ok with that.


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