quotation dots

When I was in Mexico over the summer I was hyperaware of the typography of the cities I was able to visit. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m always hyperaware but in Mexico I was REALLY aware to take in the uniqueness that made up the typographic landscape. One thing that stood out over my 2 weeks there were the quotation marks. They are cray. Like…if I were to describe it in words it’d look like this: cray cray words words words cray cray. Let’s begin. First up, the attempt at ‘regular’ quotation marks found in Morelia:%22-2These guys look super slippery, like they started out in the right spot but over time they are slowly slipping down the sign. %22-3Hang in there fellas! While I’m zoomed in, it looks like someone had some fun with the s’s in this sign:%22-2_2In stark contrast to the slippery suckers above is this sign I happened to notice while driving by on a tour bus of the city of Morelia:%22-5Looks like regular metal letters mounted to stone right? Yeah, but those quotation marks! Turn around woman with the red bag! They are being raised to the heavens right before our eyes and YOU ARE MISSING IT. %22-6Not sure the backwards quotation mark is this sign’s biggest problem:%22-123 words, 3 different type treatments and an illustration of a sub that looks like…well, it doesn’t make me hungry, let’s just say that. ‘Tortas’ set  in Cooper with a drop shadow emphasizes major kerning issues but I’m willing to overlook all that because omg look at the exclamation mark on the sign to the left of the window/door(?!)! It’s as high as a kite!
Moving on to another quotation mark phenomenon: dots!%22-1I have only ever seen this in Mexico and I just love them. %22-4I see you Diana:%22-4_2The dots of Goyo and the quotes of La Luz:%22-7More quotation dots:%22-9%22-10This post wouldn’t be complete without out inch mark quotes:%22-11%22-13Even graffiti had to get in on the quotation mark game!%22-14Love the varying characteristics of quotation marks! Like my son said when he was 5, quotation marks are just commas with jet packs. Yep.


2 responses to “quotation dots

  1. Your talk at the Denver Art Museum and blog posts have been bright “spots” in my year! Thank you.
    Theresa Keatinge (met you in Denver)

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