Revolve Conference

I am excited to be traveling to Charleston, SC this Thursday and Friday to speak at the Revolve Conference! Revolve Conference is Fall’s gathering of designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are influencing what’s next, right now. It’s an opportunity to learn from platform-changing thinkers and disruptive innovators in the creative industry through practical sessions that address the challenges you face today. I will be giving my talk How Culture Affects Typography which is a culmination of the 23 AIGA talks I have given to date. Each of the AIGA talks I have given are specific to the city I’m speaking in using photos sent to me by local creatives of typography that makes their city unique. The talk I’m giving at Revolve is an overview of all 23 talks. If you’re in Charleston, come out and say ‘hey’!manhole-coverCarol is Greek for Charles and Polis short for Metropolis, is city or town. Put that together and you get Charleston–the city was founded in 1670.


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