805 Idaho

When I was in Boise, Idaho (that will never sound right to me!), I came across the 805 Idaho building and new I had struck gold. Formerly the Boise City National Bank, it was built in 1890 and is a historic landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.idaho-1idaho-2The Boise City National Bank sign is still intact but is now Fork Restaurant:idaho-3I went inside the restaurant to see how the renovation looked…it looked like a restaurant, no sign that it used to be a bank. I asked the hostess about the history and she said I needed to go downstairs to ‘the safe’ so down I went. Shockers of shocks, an ad agency occupies the space and they use the safe as their conference room. So freakin’ cool! I just strolled in, mid-day and was like ‘Yo, I have to look at that AWESOME safe!’ They seemed like they get asked that a lot so I was in the clear.idaho-4That door was HEAVY, I tried to get behind to see the lettering but couldn’t move it and I’m strong (ha)…This is the best picture I could get:idaho-5Love finding out the history of a building and being able to explore them in person. This one did not disappoint. You can see historic pictures of this building here.


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