graffitiweek: thumbs up

#graffitiweek rolls on with some awesome hands found throughout my travels. Random, right?! I know. First up is the foam finger cheering on the University of Syracuse in New York:go cuse 1 syracuseI thought ‘Go ‘Cuse’ sounded kinda weird until I learned that their mascot was an orange…this is Otto the Orange:go cuse 2 syracuseI’m going to refrain from commenting on another university’s mascot except to say Go ‘Cuse!

Switching gears from scary fruit to beautiful hand lettering. This amazing find was discovered in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, FL:miami hustlin' 1Hustlin Made Me Rich. I didn’t even see the hand holding the money bag at the time, I was so blown away by the amazing letters:miami hustlin' 2Lastly, a small thumbs up hanging out over a door in Tampa, FL:tampa thumbs up 1In case you don’t feel like you are doing a good job, it’s there to remind you that you are.tampa thumbs up 2Thumbs up, indeed.

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