The Fidelity Building, formerly called the Montandon Building, is a historic building located in Boise, Idaho. What caught my eye was the vertical sign and the abbreviation of the word ‘building’ to b’ld’g.:boise bldg 1The building was built in 1908 and housed a department store until in 1928, it became home to the Fidelity Loan and Investment Company. Although the company only stayed in business until 1932, in that period of time they put a sign on the building’s second floor that read “Fidelity.” It is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.boise bldg 2My best guess is that Hopffgarten put the sign in place but i can’t confirm that, here’s a close up of their sign:boise bldg 3Right down the block is the Gem Building built in 1902 which are now lofts:boise gem building 1The G in BLDG has seen better days, it’s interesting how the LDG are smaller than the B:boise gem building 2Same for LDG in the Star Building in Cleveland, Ohio:cleveland star buildingFarwell Building found in Detroit, MI:detroit farwell 1The Farwell Building is a commercial building built in 1915 and was designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1974, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.detroit farwell 2This neon sign is located in Youngstown, OH:youngstown federal bldg 1The four-story Federal Building, named after the former Federal Savings and Loan Bank, was constructed in 1899 and designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Burnham.


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