manhole monday: water

It’s Manhole Monday! I’m focusing today’s post on water covers that I have come across.
Albuquerque, NM:abq water.JPG
This one reminded me of an old telephone dial that spins around.
Austin, TX:austin water meter.JPGIt wouldn’t be a manhole cover in Texas if a star wasn’t on it!
Boise, ID:boise water 3.jpgI love the abbreviation for Idaho: IDA. No comma. No Period. It’s just BOISE IDAboise water 3a.jpgWhile checking out the abbreviation, I noticed that killer scar across T (what happened?!) and the beautiful kick of the R’s leg. It’s not as common to find serif letterforms on manhole covers because the serifs don’t hold up so well. This is such a beautiful execution and the wear and tear just adds to it!
Boston, MA:boston water 2.JPGBOS <truck drives thru>TON
This little guy is about the size of a quarter. boston water.jpgIt’s unusual to find letters engraved into the metal like this one, typically the letters are raised. This is a great example of why. Look at the L in Building and P in Dept.
Denver, CO:denver IMG_5922.jpgMy ADD wants these to line up so bad. Whoever screwed this on was just mean and having a bad day. Unrelated: that D has quite the combover!
Greenville, SC:greenville water.JPGTampa, FL:tampa water meter 4.JPG


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