Pioneer Tent & Awning Co.

Boise, Idaho was one of those dream trips for me. Having grown up in the Southeast of the United States, Idaho is one of those states you learn where it is on the map and that’s pretty much it. To quote my son when asked ‘what do you want me to bring you from Boise?’ he shrugged and after a few seconds said ‘potatoes?’. I really had no idea what to expect which is the best case scenario as I go into the city completely ready to experience the city without any preconceived notions and I was completely blown away. I think I took over 700 pictures! One of my favorite discoveries was the Pioneer Tent and Awning Company Building:pioneer building 1History: In downtown Boise there is a large white horse atop a building built in 1910 for the Pioneer Tent and Awning Company. For 62 years the building sold everything from tents and canvas, to sporting goods and saddles. In 1972, the building was bought by Joan Davidson Carley, who began collecting historic storefronts in the neighborhood. Today restaurants are operating out of this historic building which has housed both minstrel shows and the first two sessions of the Territorial Legislature.

pioneer building 2pioneer building 3I had to do a double take to see that a Jimmy John’s was occupying a space here. It looks out of place!pioneer building 4The details on this building got my attention:pioneer building 5This building is a historic landmark of Idaho. Proof:pioneer building 6pioneer building 7No idea what is going on with this ampersand:pioneer building 8pioneer building 8aWhy is there a pig bbq out front?pioneer building 9Hi pig!pioneer building 10The back of the horse sign which can be seen from one side of the building:pioneer building 11


2 responses to “Pioneer Tent & Awning Co.

  1. I just bought two pair of horse hobbles in mint condition that were made by the saddle department of Pioneer Tent & Awning. If the store closed in 1972 that makes them pretty old. Do you know of anyone interested in memorabilia from the store?

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