Today’s post was inspired by Mr. Pitiful’s in Cincinnati which is clearly the opposite of pitiful. I took this picture because I was so fascinated with the color of the neon, that M and (of course) that apostrophe. Dang! So today, I’m celebrating neon that I found in different cities around the county.
Cincinnati, OHcincy mr pitiful's 1cincy mr pitiful's 2cincy mr pitiful's 3Denver, CO:denver liquor 1denver liquor 2denver neon moneyTampa, FL:tampa 1603 2tampa 1603 3Boston, MA:boston bigelow 1boston bigelow 2boston bigelow 4Boise, ID:boise loungeboise lounge2Austin, TX:austin stag 1.JPGaustin sullivans 1.jpgaustin sullivans 2.JPGaustin sullivans 3.JPGAtlanta, GA:atl osteria.JPGatl osteria2.JPGatl r thomas 1.JPGatl underground atl.JPGAlbuquerque, NM:abq academy 1.jpgabq academy 2.JPGabq hati.JPGabq yanni's.JPG


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