hotel typography

I came across this hotel walking around Miami, FL. The Sherbrooke All Suites Hotel is located in the Heart of the Miami Beach Architectural District in South Beach. It is a restored historic 1948 Art Deco building. I love the style of the steel lettering at the top which totally fits the vibe of the building. 12The lettering of Sherbrooke in Miami reminded of The Brevoort in New York City. The Brevoort at 11 Fifth Avenue was built by the Architects Boak & Raad in 1955 and was converted to a Cooperative in 1969. The 20-story Brevoort features 277 apartments including a Penthouse on top of each recessed tower. Sam Minskoff & Sons Inc., the developer, named the building “The Brevoort” because they built it on land formerly occupied by The Brevoort Hotel. In 1714 Henrick Van Brevoort acquired land that straddled Fifth Avenue, ran eastward and then northward. In a city where the names of residential buildings have no historical connection to the site, it is pleasing that this building which has large and modern apartments, paid proper homage to its history. This historic, iconic Mid Century Modern apartment house is located in the heart of Greenwich Village. via street
These 2 buildings were built within 7 years of each other. I love how the lettering totally fits the style of the building.345OMG with that S.


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