Today marks 5 years that I have had this blog.

5 years!

That’s a lot of years.

I started writing when I became an in-house designer. I’m very fortunate to love what I do professionally but wanted to find a way to feed my love of typography and this blog was the perfect fit for me. Some people call this a side project or a passion project or Nikki being weird (that’s my favorite), but I’m not sure I identify with any of those because this is just part of who I am. Looking back at what opportunities this has provided me has made me a better person both professionally and personally. This blog was was never about how many people read my posts, retweets, likes or mentions. It was just a place for me to write about type. 5 years later I’m incredibly grateful that maintaining this blog has lead to on-going speaking engagements, writing a book and, most importantly, the awesome people I have met along the way. I have been able to travel the country exploring how the culture of a city affects the typography choices that have been made and truly love every second of it. I’m still as passionate today as I was when I started this 5 years ago and grateful for the journey I have been on. One of the most important things this blog has taught me is that when you go after something that you believe in (no matter what anyone else thinks), it always has a way of working out. Maybe not the way you intended, but a different, better way.

Some of the fun highlights over the last 5 years this blog has provided me:

  • The random themes that emerged: Manhole Monday (my favorite), #graffitiweek, typographic partnerships
  • Being featured on John Boardley’s blog I Love Typography (thanks John!)
  • Speaking at TypeCon (the nerdiest, most awesome type conference around)
  • Giving my presentation at HOW Design Live in front of 500 people (still recovering from that craziness)
  • I was featured on NPR (with my buddy Alexander Isley)
  • To date, I have spoken to 22 AIGA chapters across the country (22!)
  • I wrote a book (<— that sentence will never look right to me)
  • I hosted #FontSunday for the Design Museum in London with the theme being Manhole Covers (one of the best mornings of my life)
  • Speaking to various college students with my talk 10 Things I’ve Learned by Working Hard & Being Ballsy (including my alma mater LSU!)

This picture was taken in Miami, FL

5I’m excited to see what the future holds! I’m off to eat a cupcake.


2 responses to “5ive

  1. Congratulations, such an achievement and amazing to see the opportunities listed like that. I hope you’re doing something suitably typographic and fun to celebrate x

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