ghosted tiles

When most people think of ghost signs, they think of the faded advertisements that are painted on the sides of buildings. It’s easy to overlook the signs designed into the entryways of businesses that have long since left. Covering these up would take a lot of work and chances are the materials are no longer available or won’t match so either they are completely replaced (shudder!) or left as is (which makes me happy). The amount of work that goes into these and the attention to detail in every single letter is always what gets my attention. Here are a few I have come across from different cities I’ve visited.
Greer, SC:greer smith 2greer smith 3Cincinnati, OHcincy floor tileCleveland, OH:cle floor tile 1cle floor tile 2Miami, FL:miami ghosted floor tilemiami men's shop 1miami men's shop 2Nashville, TN:nashville beesley's in tile 1nashville beesley's in tile 3Boise, ID:statesman 1statesman 2


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