baking donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? No one, I know — stupid question. You can’t get a donut without baking so first up is a ghost sign found in Akron, OH:akron bakingI’m not sure what happened here. Maybe the letters ‘AKRON’ were glued and they fell off? Meanwhile ‘BAKING’ is hanging out in pristine glory completely unfazed by the white out word that comes before. Howdy Donut in Austin, TX where sharing is A-OK:austin howdy donutNothing fancy about this sign or the O for that matter but just changing the size in relation to the other letters makes this a more memorable sign. So glad they didn’t put a cowboy hat on top of that O. DK/OK Donuts in Boise, ID:donuts 1Still on the fence if this is DK or OK…but that apostrophe placement is fantastic. Instead of creating an awkward ginormous space between the K and s, which I see so often, it’s hanging out like a halo up above:donuts 2…just where it should be!


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