gems on the ground

New Orleans is one of those cities that has a tremendously active nightlife, in fact the legendary Bourbon St. in the French Quarter is known all over the world for its bars and strip clubs. I’m not much for bars or strip clubs (my next life maybe) I’m more about the signs advertising the establishments. I took plenty of pictures of the neon explosion that lines Bourbon St. but what I remember most was how hard it was to look up and down in this city. The neon was so distracting and there was so much of it that I had to force myself to be mindful to look down and I’m so thankful for that bossy voice in my head because OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS:new orleans mintz 1 It’s so easy to miss these little gems because they are overshadowed by the flashy signs above. The detail in this sign is mind-blowing:new orleans mintz 2I love you, Z.
I walked around the side of the building and came across this in front of another entrance:new orleans mintz 3I had to dissect this into 3 pieces to document the amount of detail.
Piece 1:
I have so many questions. Ghosted G, wait are you a C or a G? I think G but I’m sure my typography friends will put me in my place if I’m wrong. WHAT IS YOUR STORY, C/G?! Mintz, why are your tiles a different shape than the surrounding square tiles? That F is Fabulous. I don’t often use the word ‘fabulous’ but this one requires it. Dang! It could kill someone!new orleans mintz 4
Piece 2:
F is for Fabulous detail. Look at the tile work! Dang!new orleans mintz 5Piece 3:
Wonky off balance Z. Look at the tile detail! Dang!new orleans mintz 6Hurwitz Mintz Furniture has been around since 1923 and doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon.
Make sure you are looking down as you go about your day, you never know what gems will be lurking!


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