1<insert your favorite tune here as you read this post> I came across this ginormous boom box in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami and thought it was just awesome. I couldn’t tell what kind of business was inside, if any at all, but you know what? I don’t care because IT’S A GIANT BOOM BOX! I have found nothing adequate to pair it with throughout my travels…that is until I went to Boise. The day I arrived I had about 3 hours to kill until my speaking engagement so off I went. 2 blocks from my hotel, I turned a corner and saw this glorious view: 2I’m not gonna lie, Boise is not that colorful of a city. It’s beautifully taken care of and the mountain views are breathtaking but there’s not a lot of neon or graffiti or color (in the parts I walked). However, just like in any city, there are pockets of awesomeness and this was one of my favorite ‘pockets’. I focused first on this awesome cigar store and that killer hand painted sign:34Anyone who knows me know I’m all about punctuation. Apostrophes and commas are my jam. Why didn’t I zoom in on this apostrophe? I was completely distracted by the little boy playing guitar up above:5I love his shoes, love his hat blowing of in the wind and LOVE that ‘Boise’ is on his guitar in Robert Indiana’s ‘LOVE‘ style.6When I paired these 2 pictures side by side, they made my heart happy. Two very different cities with very different lifestyles which is perfectly summed up in these pictures but somehow they go together. This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken to date:7


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