AIGA Idaho

This Thursday will be my 21st AIGA speaking engagement. I will be giving my talk How Culture Affects Typography like I have done 20 times before. While I have given this talk 20 times, they are each different. The topic is the same but each presentation I give is customized to the city I am speaking in thanks to the wonderful local creatives who send me pictures ahead of time. Most of my talks have been on the east side of the country and a lot of the states I had been to before, yet each presentation continues to blow me away with new things learned and discovered. Some of the more unusual cities I have been able to visit with my talks have been Sioux Falls, Albuquerque, Tampa and Syracuse. It is very safe to say that if it weren’t for these speaking engagements, I wouldn’t get to see these amazing cities.
On Thursday, I get to add another city to this list. The farthest west I have been for AIGA: Boise, Idaho. I don’t think I have ever said ‘Boise, Idaho’ before so I have no idea what to expect. I am so excited to discover this city and give this presentation. It has been such an eye opening experience already and I’m not even there yet. I normally would say: “To all my friends in Boise, I’ll see you there!” But who am I kidding, I don’t know a soul in Idaho. If this talk goes like the 20 before it, I’ll come back with a new crew of friends because AIGA is awesome like that.
So…here’s the link in case this is being read by someone in Boise and you want to check it out.1On Friday, I will be speaking to a room full of college students giving my famous (ha) talk 10 Things I’ve Learned By Working Hard & Being Ballsy. I love being around students and sharing what I have learned.
When I went to Denver a couple of weeks ago, I asked my 9 year old son what he wanted me to bring back for him, he said ‘A Denver Broncos hat!”. Last night I asked him what he wanted me to bring him back from Boise, Idaho and he said “Umm, a potato? No! No! FRENCH FRIES”.

Boise, Idaho!!! How in the world my love of typography is taking me there is beyond me but I can’t wait.


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