Animal Signs

So, I know this blog is about typography but every now and then animals creep into the mix. I have found animals have a hilarious way of taking what could be a ‘eh’ sign and making them memorable. First up, East Poultry found on the back of a truck in Austin, TX:

austin east poultryThis guy knows he’s about 3 seconds away from the slaughter house and just realized 4 seconds ago what ‘slaughter’ means. Aww, poor fella. Down the street and around the corner is this ‘po-boy’.austin turf and surf 1I stood across from this sign for a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out what in the world is happening:austin turf and surf 3A lobster, a shrimp, a bull (I think?!) wearing cowboy boots and a crab. Is that lipstick or did they get stung by bees? ‘Touch your toe’s’?! wutt?! From comical to simply elegant is this sign found in Boston:boston fish & bone The imagery with the illustrations is spot on. Speaking of spot on, my favorite restaurant that I left behind in Cleveland:cle noodlecatNoodlecat! *waves*
Moving on to Columbia, SC:maurice 1Maurice’s has a horrible history so I have never entered the place but I did snap a few pics as I drove by the last time i was in town. Piggie Park? That pig is like: a horrible history, I’m stuck on a sign that says ‘Piggie Park’ and you’re gonna eat me: cue facial expression.maurice 2Sweet letters though!
Found in Miami, FL: Not sure what’s happening here but it’s a rooster and it’s neon, so….miami neon roosterPanther Coffee is located in the heavily graffitied Wynwood area of Miami. This panther is calm and cool, just like those letters under him:miami panther coffeeI found this Taco sign in Miami and wasn’t sure where to look first:miami tacosBut then my eyes quickly settled on this directional dude:miami tacos 2These next few pictures were taken in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. In addition to the less than pleased animals, please pay special attention to those ‘S’s’:pig 1pig 2pig 5pig 7Richmond, VA:richmond pasture 2richmond tony's bbqThe pigs on this sign crack me up: “Hey! Hey you down there! Come in and EAT ME!”
San Antonio, TX:san antonio buckhorn 1That’s a whole lotta horns:san antonio buckhorn 2san antonio buckhorn 3san antonio buckhorn 6Next time you are walking around, take special note of the signs…especially BBQ signs. Why do the pigs always look so happy? See any that catch your eye, send them my way or tag me on twitter at @nikki_vz.

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