industrial typography

Originally posted on April 3, 2013


pairToday’s pairing is one of those intuitive pairings on my part. They just feel like they belong together. I have only recently started to really look at typography that is on industrial objects. I have been so amazed at how beautiful this ‘functional’ typography is. I was walking around downtown Greenville over the holidays and walked by what I thought was an electric box based on that logo. After researching The Gamewell Co., it turns out this is a fire alarm box. It can be a cat litter box for all I care, that logo is bad ass. Close up:1In San Antonio, this sign was at the base of a pipe. So, that means I had to get on the ground to get this picture. Whatever you are thinking that looked like…yeah, pretty much.
2Installed by a Viking Associate?! I want to be a Viking Associate! Look at that

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