R is for Rebel

Originally posted on March 26, 2014.


2I’m one of those people who rarely frequent a cleaners. I will look at a tag before I buy clothes and if it says dry clean only, I won’t buy it. It’s not me being cheap as much as just not having time to get my clothes professionally cleaned regularly. I also don’t believe in re-wearing clothes (gross!). I wear it once, it gets washed (clean freak!)…but that’s a whole other story. ANYWAY, if I DID use a cleaners and Parkway was in my ‘hood, you better believe I’d be there. Everyday. Shout out to my buddy Margaret Gonzalez for sharing this picture taken in Chicago. I just love it. The script letters started at such an extreme angle that by the time the w in Parkway was nearing completion, it was clear the a and the y had to suffer the consequences. You can literally see the ‘oh…

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