electric jewel

LSU (my alma mater) played Syracuse yesterday in football. As I was cheering on my tigers, I was reminded of my time speaking to the AIGA chapter in Upstate New York. My talk was held on the Syracuse campus. The morning after my talk, I walked around the city and this was one of my favorite finds.


I have mentioned in previous posts what I do when I’m visiting a new city. I get up stupidly early to walk around and take pictures. It’s a mixture of wanting to maximize my time and being super excited to experience the city. While I was visiting Syracuse, I was up and at ’em at the crack of dawn. Literally. That’s the sun that is still rising in this picture! I was in heaven. Anyway, one of the pictures that was sent in for my AIGA Upstate NY talk was a picture of the typography on the Niagra Mohawk building. I knew the minute I saw the picture, I’d be able to use it in my presentation and I hoped I’d be able to see it in person. So, on the Friday morning after my talk, you can imagine my level of excitement when I stumbled upon this:
Whatever you…

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