the continental club

When I was in Austin, TX, one of my favorite finds was this sign for The Continental Club:1As I approached it, I knew it had to have some kind of history. Here’s what I found out (thanks This retro Austin relic opened in 1957 as a swanky private supper club, but in the decades since, it’s transformed into a mecca for roots, rockabilly, country and swing music. A classic neon sign hangs above the entrance, and custom hot rods line South Congress Avenue in front of the dimly lit club, which Playboy magazine named one of the Best Bars in America.

If Playboy magazine named it one of the best, then it must be true. Right?! When I walked by it was super early in the morning so it doesn’t look as welcoming:2Those doors scream NO. Emphasis on the O. I can only imagine what goes on behind those doors. Sweet door handles though! You will notice to the left of the doors a circle plaque that recognizes this building as an Austin Landmark.

I took a step back and looked back up at that killer sign and snapped this picture:3Easily one of my favorites.


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