if i were a type designer…

While I was in Tequisquiapan, Mexico over the Christmas holidays, we were able to visit the small town of Bernal located about 2.5 hours north of Mexico City (current population is 2,909) and about 40 minutes from Tequis. Bernal’s main tourist attraction is its enormous monolith of massive rock, the Peña de Bernal, the third highest in the world. It was breathtaking to see: 6Rocks are cool and all but I was more interested in the hand lettering and typography that covers the town (duh). Out of all the pictures I took, my favorite is this one single letter, an A, that is gracefully perched at the top of an entryway. I imagine it marks the first letter of the last name for the family that lives here.

1If I were a type designer, I’d design an entire alphabet based off of this letter. I can only imagine what the comma would look like! 2 3While I am on the subject of A’s, I have to include this makeshift wall found in Tequisquiapan with another killer A. 4 5You can find more pictures of it here. These letters make me really happy.


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