AIGA Charlotte

NikkiV_2560x1536pxThis is going down Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited. Throughout my career, I have been a member of 5 (!) AIGA chapters: New Orleans, New York City, South Carolina, Cleveland and now Charlotte. This is my chapter now and I am here to stay! I’m looking forward to being a part of this awesome community and really excited to give this presentation. Like all of my AIGA talks, I ask local creatives to send me pictures of their city 1 month prior to my presentation which I use to create a customized presentation for the city I’m presenting in. For my AIGA Charlotte talk, I have gone through the #charlottetype pictures taken by locals and have put together a unique presentation on the Queen City. It has been a fun way to get to know my new hometown. If you are able to make my talk, bring 20 bucks with you–I’ll have my *new* book with me for sale!

Special thanks to Charlotte letterer and designer Kathie Soza for creating the artwork for my event.

AIGA Charlotte will be my 17th AIGA talk. This fact blows my mind. A big thanks to the 16 that came before:

AIGA Richmond
AIGA Cleveland
AIGA South Carolina
AIGA Atlanta
AIGA Cincinnati
AIGA San Antonio
AIGA Orlando
AIGA South Dakota
AIGA Upstate New York
AIGA Connecticut
AIGA Miami
AIGA Austin
AIGA New Mexico
AIGA Tampa Bay
AIGA Boston
AIGA Rhode Island

Craziness. I’m looking forward to adding more to this list!

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