historic signs in charlotte

I came across an article this past week about preserving historic signs in Charlotte. There is a non-profit called Historic Charlotte, Inc. that tries to get owners of vintage signs to register them as historic landmarks which protects them from demolition. In the article a few signs are mentioned that Historic Charlotte recognizes as historically significant. Since I haven’t had a chance to go letterhunting yet, I thought this was a good start. I threw my husband and kids in the car and off we went! The first stop was BAR•B•Q KING:bar b q 1 bar b q 2As you can see by the sky, we were chasing a rain storm. As a wise woman my daughter said:

You know a little rain isn’t going to stop my mama from letterhunting!

Yep yep! Stop #2, 21 South:

curb service 1This restaurant is now considered a historic landmark. About 17 years ago, customers petitioned to keep South 21 restaurant’s oversize red-white-and-blue sign with blinking lights in place at the 1955 drive-in. curb service 2Stop #3, this historic Dairy Queen. Check out that eskimo! dairy queen 1 dairy queen 2 dairy queen 3 dairy queen 4 dairy queen 5Last stop, House of Pizza: pizza 1 pizza 2I had fun tracking down these signs that are unique to Charlotte. More to come…


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