bar B cue’

I had an office meeting 2 hours west of Charlotte last week in Hendersonville, NC. On the way there I spotted this barbecue sign and knew I had to stop on the way back to snap some pictures:1This sign out front is pretty spectacular but the other signs on the building took it to another level. Bummer I only had my iPhone with me. Shame on me.2This poor pig, he looks so sad: 3If only he’d turn around he’d see this e/apostrophe merger and he’d be smiling for days: 4I’ve never seen anything quite like that before! Such a clever use of neon. The sign above the entrance is such a great use of space with the bent ‘b’, the overstuffed ‘B’ and there’s that ‘e’ again except this time…the apostrophe is still there when it’s not needed. That’s ok, who am I to complain?!5 6Even though I’m vegetarian, this is my kind of bar B cue’.


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