#FontSunday recap

I set my alarm for 5:30am EST on a Sunday morning. I got up and went to a coffee shop where I was guaranteed to sit for several hours uninterrupted. I had a strong WiFi signal, an outlet for charging and a large cup of coffee. I was set up by 6:15am and ready to go. Around that time, my Twitter blew up. I was the guest host for @DesignMuseum‘s #FontSunday which meant I was tagged in the majority of the tweets. Tweets came in from all over the world with pictures of (nerd alert!) manhole covers. I didn’t know what to expect by being part of this but if could sum it up in one word: !,AWESOME,! All caps. Bold. Exclamations all over the place and commas too because why not. For the theme of yesterday’s #FontSunday, I chose manhole covers because I have an obsession am curious to see how they are designed in different parts of the world. There were several times yesterday where I caught myself with a stupid grin across my face because I’m sitting in Charlotte, North Carolina and am looking at these beautiful utilitarian designs come in from all corners of the world AND realizing it’s not just me who loves looking them. So !,Awesome,! I knew Japan’s covers reigned supreme but yesterday’s showing further emphasized that fact. I was still blown away by the variety of lettering and designs that I saw. As the tweets came in, I began retweeting them with just the city or country name, sorrynotsorry to my twitter followers:Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.13.46 AMHere is a collection from yesterday. I have credited people and location as they appeared. If any information is incorrect, please send me a message and I will fix it. Also, I did the best I could with including pictures that were submitted throughout the day yesterday. I’m sure I have missed submissions, just send them to me and I will add them in.
Dries Allaert  ::  ‏Fire Hydrant  ::  Pidpa Waterworks Company  ::  Mechelen, BelgiumDries Allaert ‏@3_esse Mechelen, BelgiumCzech Republic:
Mat B  ‏::  Prague, Czech RepublicMatt B @soupdragon2000 PragueEngland:
Anne-Louise Quinton  ‏ ::  Leeds, EnglandAnne_Louise Quinton @AnneQuinton LeedsBrendon O’Connor  ‏ ::  Peckham, EnglandBrendon O'Connor Peckham by artist Antony GormleyCovent  :: Garden  ::  LondonCovent Garden ‏@CoventGdnTub London Zoë Typelark  ::  London, England Zoë Typelark @uberbabygraphic London Zoë Typelark ‏@uberbabygraphic London 4 Zoë Typelark ‏@uberbabygraphic London 3 Zoë Typelark ‏@uberbabygraphic London 2Margot Swift  ::  London, England Margot Swift LondonJon Hurst  ::  London, England JOHN HURST ‏@walkingthepast LondonIvan Margolius  ::  Shoreditch, England Ivan Margolius @imargolius shoreditchEsoteric London  ::  London, England Esoteric London @esotericlondon coal hole covers londonDodam  ::  London, England dodam @doubled_didi londonFrance:
David Bonney  ::  Paris, FranceDavid Bonney ParisJames Atkins  ::  France james atkins ‏@jamesatkins FranceGermany:
Anne-Louise Quinton  ::  Andernach, GermanyAnne-Louise Quinton ‏@AnneQuinton Andernach, GermanyAnne-Louise Quinton  ::  Wiesbaden, Germany Anne-Louise Quinton @AnneQuinton WiesbadenAnne-Louise Quinton  ::  University of Stuttgart, Germany Anne-Louise Quinton University of Stuttgart GermanyBrendon O’Connon  ::  Germany Brendon O'Connon @brendon_oco germanyKevin Button  ::  Berlin, Germany Kevin Button @kevinjbutton BerlinArmenia:
Hrant Papazian  ::  Yerevan, ArmeniaHrant Papazian @hhpapazian Yerevan, ArmeniaIreland:
John Tarpey  ::  Kilkenny, Irelandjohn tarpey @johnctarpey kilkennyJohn Tarpey  ::  Limerick, Ireland John Tarpey Limerick, IrelandMichael Joseph  ::  Ireland Michael Joseph @mjpos IrelandItaly:
David Bonney  ::  Milan, Italy
David Bonney MilanFadhlaoui  ::  Milan, Italy Fadhlaoui @fadhlaoui2 Milan, ItalyLudovico Cesetti  ::  Rome, Italy Ludovico @ludovicoCesetti romeRoberta Arici  ::  Milan, Italy Ro ‏@Roberta_Arici milanTomjohn001  ::  Milan, Italy tomjohn001 MilanJapan:
Anne-Louise Quinton  ::  JapanAnne-Louise Quinton JapanArmando Roque  ::  Japan Armando Roque @armandoroqueccs japanCarolina Scarpetta  ::  Japan Carolina Scarpetta ‏@caroSCR JapanCiro Durán  ::  Japan Ciro Durán ‏@chiguire JapanJohn Fairley  ::  T in the middle stands for Toho Gas  :: Japan friend of John Fairley @acreativemusing Japan T is toho gasGary Hoppty  ::  Mount Fuji, Japan Gary Hoppty @garyhoppty Japan Mount FujiGosling  ::  Japan Gosling @goslingdesign Japan 1Gosling  ::  Japan Gosling @goslingdesign Japan 2John Clifford  ::  Japan John Clifford ‏@thinkstudionyc JapanLadiebirdy  ::  Japan Ladiebirdy @ladiebirdy77 JapanMaja Jones  ::  Japan Maja Jones @ma_jone JapanPasserby  ::  Water Valve  :: Nagoya, Japan passerby @tokyopaserby Nagoya Japan water valvePasserby  ::  Gas Cover  ::  Nagoya, Japan passerby @tokyopasserby gas cover Nagoya JapanPasserby  ::  City of Football  ::  Saitama, Japan passerby @tokyopasserby saitama, japan city of footballPasserby  ::  Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan passerby @tokyopasserby shimizu, shizuoka prefecture, japanPasserby  ::  University of Tokyo passerby ‏@tokyopasserby university of tokyoPasserby  ::  Glass Manole Cover ‘Cathedral’ by Shotaro Tamagawa  ::  Japan passerby glass manhole 'cathedral' by shotaro tamagawa japanRose Reeves  ::  Japan Rose Reeves @roserreeves JapanTomjohn001  ::  Japan tomjohn001 @tomjohn001 Japanやなぽん ‏::  Japan Water やなぽん ‏@yanapong Japan waterThe Netherlands:
John FairleyJohn Fairley @acreativemusing NetherlandsLibya:
Bugs  ::  Trippli, LibyaBugs @m_bugashata trippli, libyaGreece:
Maria-Christina Bell ‏ ::  Athens, GreeceMaria-Christina Bell ‏@EmseeBel Athens GreeceNorway:
Hyperkit  ::  Bergen, NorwayHyperkit ‏@HyperkitStudio Bergen, NorwayJilly Clark  ::  Stavanger, Norway Jilly Clark @Jilly_Pepper Stavanger, NorwayZoë Typelark ‏ ::  Alesund, Norway Zoë Typelark ‏@uberbabygraphic alesund, NorwayEstonia:
Pat NaldiPat Naldi @naldipat EstoniaAustralia:
Rachel Rovay  ::  Melborne, AustraliaRachel Rovay @rachelrovay Melborne, AustraliaRomania:
Max FraserMax Fraser ‏@maxfraserdesign RomaniaTim Monroe Tim Monroe @timvmonroe RomaniaRussia:
Margot Swift  ::  Moscow, RussiaMargot Swift @margotswift MoscowTomjohn001  ::  Moscow, Russia tomjohn001 MoscowSlovakia:
Anne-Louise Quniton  ::  Bratislava, SlovakiaAnne-Louise Quniton bratislava, slovakiaSpain:
David Bonney  ::  Barcelona, SpainDavid Bonney @isetta_windsor BarcelonaUnited States:
Anne-Louise Quinton  ::  Palo Alto, CaliforniaAnne-Louise Quinton Palo AltoIvan Margolius  :: New Orleans, Louisiana Ivan Margolius @imargolius new orleansJohn Clifford  :: New York, New York John Clifford NYCMarie Dulin  ::  Hudson, NY Marie Dulin @murrmarie croton on hudson nyNicola Penny  ::  Artist David Atkinson  ::  Minneapolis, Minnesota Nicola Penny ‏@nicola_penny David Atkinson cover in MinneapolisOpposite  ::  Chicago, Illinois Opposite @studioopposite ChicagoTomjohn001  ::  East Passyunk Avenue  ::  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tomjohn001 east passyunk ave philadelphiaSarah Hyndman, Type Tasting  ::  San Francisco, California Type Tastin @typetasting san franciscoVirginia  ::  Boston, Massachusetts Virginia @otrav BostonYael Tur-Shalom  ::  Seattle, Washington Yael Tur-Shalom @ytursha SeattleThank you to the Design Museum and to everyone who sent in pictures. I believe in the saying to keep your head up but it’s amazing the beauty that can be discovered when you look down.


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