I have been an avid follower and contributor to Design Museum’s #fontsunday since April 15, 2012. The Design Museum is located in London, England and is devoted to contemporary design in every form from architecture and fashion to graphics, product and industrial design. Every Sunday you can join @designmuseum on Twitter to express a love of fonts with like-minded type enthusiasts around the world. They assign a typographic theme and people submit pictures based on that theme with the hashtag #FontSunday. Often times, they have a guest curator of the Twitter feed. This Sunday, I’m excited to be the guest curator and the theme is <nerd alert!> Manhole Covers! Hooray!

To participate, snap a picture of a manhole cover that is unique to your city and tweet it to: @nikki_vz @designmuseum #FontSunday

Here are a few of my favorites that I have snapped throughout my travels:
Albuquerque, NM

1 Cleveland, OH
3Boston, MA
2Tampa, FL
5Miami, FL:
What’s up Teanage Mutant Ninga Turtles?!

I can’t wait to see the pictures that come in from all over the world!


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