foodie type

5I’m not a big food person, I never really have been (candy is excluded because who doesn’t love candy?!). I look at eating like putting gas in my car. Sucks, but I have to stop and do it. However, when typography is involved, I’m all about it. Check out these two restaurant signs from two different countries. La Valentina was found in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. What caught my eye with this sign was the way every other letter varied in size and color and yet it I can read it without a problem. The name of the restaurant is serif and the description is in san serif. Here’s a close up of the letters, they look almost hand sculpted:6

Why isn’t the E underlined? It’s a vowel too!

Moving on to Perly’s. This beauty is located in Richmond, Virginia. Here’s a shot as I approached the restaurant from the sidewalk:7

Restaurant Perly’s.

And of course, what post would be complete without a close up of an apostrophe?! 8


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