graffiti peeps

One picture can spark a thought which can spark an idea which can spark a conversation which is where things can get really interesting.
I have realized when i am letterhunting and in my ‘I can’t hear you‘ phase, I spark the most as a reaction to the unique typography/lettering/graffiti that I am looking at. I have started carrying a notebook around with me <No, I didn’t already. Horror!> so I can document my sparks. They are quick snippets, enough so I’ll remember later what I was thinking so I don’t loose that train of thought. Today’s post was put together with the snippet: graffiti peeps when I stumbled across this in Albuquerque, NM:
ABQ conductor 1
ABQ conductor 2 ABQ conductor 3A spark reminding myself that I want to put a post together featuring people I have come across plastered to a wall because OMG LOOK AT THAT CONDUCTOR!
Atlanta, GA: mural atlantaI’m not sure what’s going on here but I hope she doesn’t bang her head when she stands up. atlanta muralThese abstract cuties are in a parking lot and get to watch over cars all day long.
Austin, TX: ausin music muralThis feels like a Nashville find but it’s in Austin! Found in another parking lot. Spot Shepard Fairey’s dripping Obey?! Saaa-weeet!
Cincinnati, OH: cincy muralSup Grover?!
Nashville, TN: johnny cash nashville 2Definitely a Nashville find!
Miami, FL: miami boy w gun 1The graffiti in Miami, as I have mentioned many times before, is mind blowing to say the least. All of the pictures shown here were taken in Wynwood with the exception of this one which was taken in South Beach:miami drinking mural 1 miami drinking mural 2 miami drinking mural 3 miami dripping manThis dripping boy is one of my favorite pieces I have ever come across. miami gg artwork 2Fado by Gabriel Gimenez, better known as GG. No filter on this picture, the colors are THAT heatThis is what nightmares are made of. One of the few times I chose to not zoom in out of sheer james dean miami reefa 1A picture of this wall was sent in to me for my AIGA Miami talk. It was made in tribute to Israel Hernandez, a graffiti artist who died after being tasered by Miami Beach police for graffiti. You can read more about that here.

miami reefa 3 miami reefa 4
The beautiful work of Belgian graffiti artist ROA. He is known for depicting animals that are native to city they are painted in: miami ROA 1miami ROA 2Graffiti artist RONE: miami rone 1 miami rone 2 miami rone 3 miami rone 4
Spice Girls!miami spice girls A mural on the side of a building:miami wallThis is me at the end of the day getting into bed. What. miami woman flying
San Francisco, CA:  pill san fran 1 pill san fran 2 Um, no thanks.
Richmond, VA: richmond muralProof that walking in back alley’s is awesome.
Jacksonville, FL: shauna panczyszyn jacksonville fl graffiti 1Thanks to you Shauna Panczyszyn for sharing this picture!
San Antonio, TX: taco land san antonioAnother sad story. A double murder took place at Taco Land. The site has become a tribute to the 2 people who died. You can read more about it here.
Tampa, FL:  tampa mural 2I think the contrast of the beautiful wall mural and the not so beautiful real estate sign is interesting. tampa mural
Spark on!


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