thinking outside of the {typography} box

There is an ice cream store here in town that has an apostrophe in their name. They made the unfortunate choice to use a cherry as an apostrophe probably for the same reason that this grocery store is using a leaf. It’s like watching an Elvis impersonator. They think they are doing the same thing, they try to look the same (LOL) but sadly, they just aren’t. I can’t bring myself to take a picture of the cherry or the leaf but for some reason I took a picture of this shrimp in Albuquerque. This guy totally falls into the Elvis category.
Albuquerque, NM:
abq ragin' shrimp
I want to throw an egg at this sign. That shrimp isn’t ‘ragin’, I think he just want’s to go back into the ocean.
Boston, MA: bostonThis apostrophe isn’t as cringe worthy but he must have been really naughty to get the official boot from the B. B had to reach across 8 letters to kick him out and, whatever the apostrophe did, the s was in on the crime because he’s getting kicked out as well. Bye bye!
Miami, FL: miami clutch service 1The left out comma’s. Poor guys, they were clearly put in after the fact. Unrelated: I guess you can go fishing on top of the Miami Clutch Service building. What in the world?!
New York City, NY: nyc mary ann'sIn stark contrast to the left out comma’s is Mary Ann’s where they not only planned ahead but left PLENTY of room. Like, a lot of room.
San Francisco, CA: san fran 1An apostrophe that can double as a recliner? Sure, why not! san fran 2A beautifully ghosted apostrophe. san fran 3
Sioux Falls, SD: sioux fallsThe blended apostrophe. This one shouts insecurity to me. Let go already! Who am I kidding, he will probably never leave home. Mama’s boy!
Bernal, Mexico: tequis bernal 1 restaurant 1Apostrophe’s, comma’s and quotation marks got really interesting south of the border. I noticed a lot more variation and no animals or objects were used! Hooray! Before I zoom in, let’s take a moment and pay our respects to this chef…and that yummy looking chicken/turkey:tequis bernal restaurant 3I’m totally digging his bow tie! tequis bernal restaurant 2 These triangle quote marks feel very 80’s to me.tequis bernal la aurora 1This sign just blew me away. The colors and the geometric pattern at the top of the building alone got my attention but check out these commas:tequis bernal la aurora 2tequis bernal la aurora 3 tequis bernal la aurora 3 tequis bernal la aurora 4I’m ending with these 2 pictures of quote marks that use dots. I have never seen this used before but I saw it often, especially in hand painted signs. tequis quotes 1 vargas 2 tequis quotes 2 juanitoI hope this post will serve as a great reminder to not always use what is given to you just because that’s the way it has been done before. Not just with type but in everything. Think outside of the box, try new approaches, and for the love of typography, please do not use objects/animals in place of punctuation.


One response to “thinking outside of the {typography} box

  1. Lovely stuff, Nikki, especially your backstories and the Mexican examples. Personally, I don’t mind the shrimp so much – it’s certainly better than the cherry and the leaf. But in a post about bad apostrophes, you might want to be careful about putting them in plurals…

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