street signs

One of the most interesting things to notice when traveling to different cities is how the street signs are handled. In the United States, the street signs have become a lot more streamlined and consistent from city to city so finding unique wayfinding always makes me stop and take notice. I have posted about street signs here, here and here previously on my blog. This post is my latest batch.
Albuquerque, NM:

abq 1These were taken on Central Avenue which is also the famous Route 66 that cuts right through downtown Albuquerque. The jagged edges and pixelated look is very unique to the city and fits in perfectly. abq 2Atlanta, GA: This was taken at the entrance to the Krog Street Tunnel.atlantaBoston, MA:bostonCincinnati, OH: cincyNew York City: Big thanks to my friend Mårten Thavenius for sharing this picture:Mårten Thavenius NYC muralMiami, FL: miami 1 miami 2San Francisco, CA (Chinatown): san fran chinatownTampa, FL: tampaTequisquiapan, Mexico: tequis 1Hand painted signs like these are my favorite because they can’t be duplicated. These just feel Mexican and would look so out of place mounted to the side of a building in Portland, Austin or Richmond. They are perfectly at home on the streets of Tequisquiapan. tequis 2 tequis 3Bernal, Mexico:bernal 1 bernal 2See any unique street signs in your city? Take a picture and tweet them to me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming post!


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