Parking signs have always intrigued me. I have encountered such a wide range of styles from hand painted to neon. It’s also interesting to note the use of arrows and how they are incorporated into the signs. I have noticed that it is harder to find a parking sign that utilizes a serifed type face which adds to the debate that sans serif typefaces are easier to read than serifs. Fact or fiction? Most of the parking signs I have come across are bold and all uppercase san serif for quick and easy reading.
San Francisco, CA:
This sign makes me happy. The way ‘parking’ is handled and the way the neon letters are strung together grabbed my attention. 2
Boston, MA:
3Parking made to fit the space. The R seems to be suffering a bit but overall it makes for an interesting sign: 4
Austin, TX:
Albuquerque, NM:
abq1What I noticed about this sign was the combination of colors. Unusual for me but this these colors fit in perfectly with the city of Albuquerque: abq2 abq3 abq4 abq5 abq6 abq7This one for some reason reminds of this car on a Trapper Keeper (80’s flashback!):abq8
Miami, FL:
miami1 miami2 miami3This is a parking garage that totally fits in Miami:miami4
New Haven, CT:
Tampa, FL:
The smaller P on this sign has fled the scene:
tampa1The Parking Doctors?! tampa2Parktologists?! Love how they incorporated a ‘+’ into the P to give the logo an added medical effect: tampa3 tampa4The picture above is one side of the parking sign where I’m assuming the arrow has fallen off. Here’s the other side of the sign:tampa6

Parking signs are in every city. What do the ones in your city look like? Take a picture and tweet them to me @nikki_vz.


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