buckets on a counter

There is a saying at my kids’ elementary school that asks ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’. This question encourages children to give an act of kindness to others to ‘fill up their bucket’, teaching them that it’s not just about receiving love and attention but also giving it. I love this analogy and my kids’ often refer to it.
In terms of typography, I have come across a few instances where letters have their bucket’s full. The counters, or the open space in a fully or partly closed area within a letter, has been filled either by design or by the letterform transitioning over time.
The Corner, found in Boston, MA, first caught my eye because of that C. Hello, Pac Man! The O and R’s both have their bucket’s counter’s filled which completely changes the look of the type:
The A being filled in the Ace Theater sign in Miami, FL makes for an interesting design:
 miamiBuilt in 1925, the Ace Theatre served as the place for African-American moviegoers in the Coconut Grove community during segregation. The theatre often ran stage shows along with films. It operated well into the late 1970s, playing mostly late-run double features. The building was later used for church services and other community functions. Restoration plans for the structure are currently underway.
The letters within The Alpha Hotel sign in San Antonio, TX may or may not qualify. I would have to see the sign lit up at night to tell but from the looks of it, I’d say their bucket is full — look at the A’s, P and O:san antonio My most favorite example though is this manhole cover found in Tequisquiapan, Mexico:IMG_5550It appears that the counters being filled was not by design but by wear and tear over time. The letters bled into each other and became full. IMG_5551 IMG_5552Holy smokes, seeing the letters like that make me so happy, my bucket is full.


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