ligature trifecta

In the {almost} 4 years {omg} that I have maintained this blog, I have enjoyed discovering themes as they have emerged. Looking back, it’s not shocking since the themes were basically me posting regularly on topics that I love: manhole covers, graffiti, ghost signs and hand lettering. If you asked me to pick a favorite topic out of these I’d tell you that you were mean to ask me to choose. But, within these themes, I have always loved the unexpected find, like: Finding a well done typographic solution by merging just a few letter together in a meaningful way. If I were a pirate, this would be my gold. But I’m not {at least not today} so I will settle with ORO (Spanish for gold). I came across ORO mounted to the side of a building in Albuquerque, NM and I was so impressed by the way the letters came together. It’s like a crazy mind trick. Is it 3 letters: ORO? Or just a super trippy R that happens to make ‘O’s’ on either side?
abq 1
The 3D outline around the entire mark just sends this logo dancing back to the 70s. I love the counters of the O’s, they look like two speech bubbles. What could they be saying?!abq 2Spotted on the streets of Miami, FL is Lory Transmission Parts. Unlike the professionally produced ORO sign, this sign is hand painted on concrete. What got my attention was the LTP. All 3 letters connected in one mark. A ligature trifecta! I commend the effort. This is a transmission shop, they could have painted the name and been done with it but they went the extra mile and produced something that, for me, was memorable:
miami 1 miami 2Both of these signs left an impression on me because the design was unexpected. What will you do today that is memorable?


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