Creative Mornings Cleveland

This never gets easy. You’d think it would. But it just doesn’t. I will, once again, be a nervous wreck as I try to not embarrass myself, the company I work for or anyone related to me. I’m super stoked for Cleveland that they now have a Creative Mornings to call their own. Mad props to Thomas Fox for making it happen. The international theme for January is Ugly. So Friday morning at 8:30am, I will be giving a talk at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland) titled: The Good, the Bad and the {Not So} Ugly: 7 Lessons from a Graphic Designer.

If you are one of the lucky 150 people able to attend the event: AWESOME. I just ask that you please not boo me as the talk will be recorded and posted on the Creative Mornings website. Cheering and loud applause is permitted.

If you can’t attend but will be watching the recording: AWESOME. Just a warning, some parts of my 20 minute talk might be hard to hear as creatives in Cleveland really love to cheer and clap for their presenters. Especially graphic designers. Who love typography. It’s really weird but one of the things I love about Cleveland!

Here’s more info on the event. I’ll post the link to the recording here and on my Speaking Engagements page when it is ready.


One response to “Creative Mornings Cleveland

  1. I’ve seen you speak before at the Wolfsonian, Miami and you did great. I’m sure your presentation in Cleveland will be fantastic. Good Luck!

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