Ahhh, crazy. What fun would it be if every single piece of typography was beautifully produced? I know, right?! Not much. So, for this post, I’m focusing on a few examples that looked normal in the eye, laughed, and continued to march to the beat of their own drum.
First up are a few found in Chinatown in San Francisco, CA:
1The horrible kerning is one thing but I have questions about the placement of those g’s…and speaking of questions… 2Ummm, what is going on Pho?! Only Pho knows Pho sure.
I came across my first th ligature:3 4And it appears upon closer inspection that the ligature threw up and it is now oozing all around and IN the e which is making the e spew. Gross!
Albuquerque, NM:
5This stretch of neon has taken on a life of its own. Each letter is a work of art but put them together and they should win an award for perfectly sitting on that baseline. Not only is it sitting so perfectly, it’s balancing that dot on the i too! Show off.6
Boston, MA:
7Not even that killer apostrophe can save what this y has done to this sign. Disgraceful, really. 8
Don’t have a W? No problem! Just turn an M upside and *poof* there you go! #not  9
Tampa, FL, where N’s are so sharp they could kill:
Sioux Falls, SD:
Ernie November left me geometrically speechless.
Lastly, San Antonio, TX:
12I can always count on something crazy happening with the letters at the tops of buildings. In this case, the ‘&’ has stolen the show: 13I find more of these types of pictures in locations where business owners aren’t thriving financially. They are left to do their own advertising and make their own signs. Instead of paying to have a professionally designed sign, they do it themselves. The results are often times unfortunate but sometimes they can be surprisingly beautiful. Be ready to embrace the crazies.


One response to “crazy

  1. Ernie November looks to be an attempt to reproduce the baby teeth typeface. Your final comment is interesting, do you think it could be a vicious circle i.e. a poor sign hinders business success?

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