taco truck typography

I can safely say that prior to my trip to Austin, I could count on one hand the number of times I had seen a taco truck in person. I have traveled, I just hadn’t seen many taco trucks before. Maybe I just didn’t notice them? Then I went to Austin and that statistic was blown out of the water very quickly. What I realized in my analysis of the taco trucks is that when you have very little space to work with, you make the most of it. I think this is one of the reasons why twitter is so effective. You have 140 characters to get your message across, there is no space for BS. Same is true for the taco trucks. Hierarchy is very important (what do you want the customer to see first?) and there is no room for meaningless information (hooray!). Another interesting observation is to see how the typography on taco trucks transform when the sun sets in regards to which words are set in neon and which signs get a spotlight. Here are some examples:
This specific truck was featured in a previous post. You can find more pictures here. Twinkle lights seem to be a staple around a lot of these trucks…and why not?! One strand of lights has a way of transforming an outdoor space from blah to LET’S EAT!2Some of the trucks create interesting challenges for the type. No smooth surfaces here but the type is holding up just fine. Can’t say the same for that donkey, looks like he’s about to pass out! Hang in there big guy. 3 4A neon sign up top and a spot light on the menu. 5 6Twinkle lights around the hand cut letters! I wish I could have seen this lit up at night. 7Some taco trucks were tricked out with hand painted murals: 8 9Other’s are a good reminder that even when they are closed, they should still function: 10A taco truck that sells pizza?! 12And crepes! I quickly realized “taco” truck is code for “let’s sell anything that fits in a truck”. 13Like cupcakes: 14 15And Pets: 16And shoes: 17 18I can’t end this post without including my most favorite taco truck find. This was found in San Antonio, TX: 19 20 21 I dare you to try to top a taco wearing white gloves and cowboy boots. What do the taco trucks look like in your city? Send pics to me @nikki_vz on twitter or nikkivillagomez@gmail.com by email.


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