Today’s post will be my last post of the year (hellllllo vacation!). I wanted to end 2014 with a post that sums up what my blog is all about. I wrote a post in February that included one of my favorite observations: The culture that lives in a city is like a virus that is trying to stay alive. The best example that I have come across of this concept is Crawford’s Bar and Grill in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota:
I went to Crawford’s for dinner after my speaking engagement with a few of the AIGA South Dakota board members and immediately fell in love with the lettering of the logo:
That apostrophe. My Goodness.
After doing some research, I found out that the building started out as a butcher shop in 1896, it was then converted to a mens wear store in the 1930’s. In 1963, the Crawford’s Mens Wear logo was designed and placed in the floor at the entrance to the store:
When Crawford’s went from Mens Wear to Bar & Grill, the owners could have rebranded their restaurant but instead they opted to incorporate the original logo into their branding. Inside the restaurant, there are nods to the butcher shop. Black soot stains a portion of the wall from where the meat was smoked and a blood trough runs along the north cellar wall. Beautiful solutions that preserves the history in this corner of the city.

I started this blog as my own portal of daily inspiration to feed my love of typography. Three and half years later, I’m still posting 5 days a week (except around the holidays!) and as I look back, I am still shocked to see where it has taken me. Speaking engagements, travel, writing a book (Summer 2015!), being featured on NPR. Crazy! All of that is so so rewarding but that’s not my motivation. My motivation are the letters. Observing how letters brand a city and how the city helps mold the shape the letter’s take.

I’m looking forward to new discoveries in 2015. Until then, let’s all rejoice in the beauty of this apostrophe:


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